ERIN JACOBS, a user experience designer in Austin, Texas, knows her way around creating a complete UI design system for desktop/online/embedded device/mobile software, can match a Pantone at a press check, has illustrated some mean gig posters, once bowled a 200 & has been known to create fine art featuring a lucha libre rock band.

  Erin Jacobs  
Currently employed in the role of Senior Product Designer with Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance), in Austin, Texas. Prior to joining Mass Relevance in November 2011, I was part of the creative team at frog design, most recently in the position of Senior Interaction Designer.

Currently the focus of my work is on creating innovative, intuitive products within the Spredfast social marketing software platform. The latest being Spredfast Intelligence, which enables real-time and historical searching of the Twitter firehose. Relevant data and content results are returned that can inform strategy and uncover valuable insights for brands and media.

Portfolio available by request.

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RedsE27: posters and illustration
Artworx, a flickr set

  Imerj 2-in-1 SmartPad
Android Mobile UI
Interaction Design

As part of the design team at frog, I helped to create a custom UI for the revolutionary Imerj mobile device. Through multiple phases of work, from concept phase to production, frog (in collaboration with Imerj) created an overall interaction model, as well as several custom application experiences, for the dual-screen Android mobile device. The 2-in-1 Smartpad is currently in development, and a prototype device was recently shared with reviewers at Engadget and is being shared with carriers.

View the Engadget Prototype Review
  imerj smartpad device  

  Sansa Fuze
Personal Media Player, Embedded UI
Interaction and Visual Design

The client came to frog with the concept for the next generation Sansa MP3 player. While preserving the current Sansa player features: music, videos, photos, and am/fm radio on the go; this player would employ a new, innovative way of navigation; a trackball. In the role of Interaction Designer (while also supporting visual design), I worked as part of the team at frog to create an innovative lateral UI that the user could navigate the highest level of the UI by rolling the trackball right to left and then dive deeper by pressing the ball, then scrolling up and down. We created the complete UI visual and interaction design along with an interactive prototype used in user testing.

Although the primary structure along with the visual look and feel remained, the trackball proved to be an issue in production and the topmost image is the device out on the market today.
  sans fuze devices  

  Jump Music, Alltel Wireless
Desktop Software
Interaction and Visual Design

In addition to their recent mobile software offering, Celltop, Alltel Wireless came to frog with the desire to create a desktop software application that would enable users to easily move music files to their wireless handsets. I worked with a very small team to design the UI framework and user interactions, visual look and feel, and provided support during development through high-level functional and visual specifications as well as creation of graphical assets.
  jump music application screen  

  Celltop, Alltel Wireless
Mobile Application
Interaction and Visual Design

For the better part of 2006 at frog, I worked as part of a team of design analysts, usability experts, visual designers, technologists and developers to concept, design, prototype, roadmap, and finally develop a software application for mobile devices that would be considered a new mobile platform that enabled users with the click of a button to easily access valuable real-time personalized content from the native OS and OTA rss data feeds.

While I performed multiple roles, my primary task was to create a visual design system of engaging, on-brand UI screens and controls and styles that provided for maximum usability, and consistency across multiple types of content and tasks. The end result provided for a rich, yet minimal UI focused on easy access, personalization, and performance for the user.

View the frog design case study
  celltop image  

  Discount DVD Online Storefront
Online Storefront Concept Design
Visual Design

In hopes of securing corporate and media partnerships, the client needed compelling visuals to demonstrate the strength of their concept for an online storefront offering discounted white labeled DVD movies. Among many strong designs, this concept made it to the final round of design.
  paperback movies website  

  Accounting Software Concept Exploration
Desktop Software
Concepting, Interaction and Visual Design

A major provider of both online and desktop accounting and financial software applications was interested in seeing what ideas might come from a forward thinking visual and interaction update of their current small business accounting software which while tried and true to their core users, had become dated and not easily scalable.
Among the many interesting concepts generated by the team, one of the client favorites was this concept inspired by the london tubemap. The four major areas of the application are displayed horizontally and the corresponding tasks, the stops, are clearly mapped across each area, branching out in the proper workflow order. Workflow intersections with other areas of the app are clearly displayed. The tube map served as the dashboard for the application collapsing to sidebar tabs for the detail views of each main area.
  bookeeping software tube map concept  

  Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum
Austin Accessibility Internet Rally Website Project
Visual and Interaction Design, Production

As a member of the frog design team for the Austin Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR Austin), I worked closely with our client and the team to create a visual design that was both engaging and accessible, and communicated the essence of the Umlauf Garden: a peaceful and natural garden backdrop for the permanent collection of sculpture by Charles Umlauf as well as other great works by artists featured in the gallery exhibitions. Our team participated in the one-day rally: creating graphics, entering the site copy and content in xml, and writing accessible code so that the site contents may be viewed by users of all abilities. We created over 75 pages for the site including detail pages for each piece of sculpture featured in the garden, an interactive 360 view flash tour and included Spanish translation for some of the key pages. Our team won first place in the competition.
  Umlauf Sculpture Garden home page design  

  Domestic Diva Bridal Shower
Save the Date, Invitation, and Favor Cookbook
Illustration and Design (Freelance)

These three pieces were created for a bridal shower, the theme being Domestic Diva. Images of a retro 50s diva were used in each piece along with kitschy illustrations of entertaining, serving and just day to day diva-ing. The first piece was a two-sided postcard to invitees to save the date. The second was a bi-fold invitation that was mailed in an envelope. The final piece was a multi-page recipe card book featuring recipes that contributed by friends and family, bound with a ring and embellished with a measuring teaspoon.

All of the artwork was created digitally in Adobe Illustrator, and printed four-color offset.

  Naughty Secretary Club
Identity and E-Commerce Website
Lead Design and Information Architecture (Freelance)

Naughty Secretary Club had quickly grown from a part-time handmade jewelry business to a full-time online craft boutique. After creating a new logo and brand look, the current site was outlined and then architecture for the new site established. NSC needed to cleanly, clearly present the many categories of merchandise offered while maintaining an easy to use, easy to purchase experience. The new site presents a much more professional Naughty Secretary Club with clear organization and visibility of product categories into easy to navigate dhtml menus, while the visual design preserves its fun crafty-chic and vintage flavor especially on the home page but also throughout the site through the navigation design and color palette. The site went live August 2004 and was just recently retired. page  

  2003 Retail Merchandising, AMD
Marketing/Merchandising Collateral
Visual Design, Layout and Production

AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, seized the rare opportunity to promote its processor line directly to consumers by creating collateral to be distributed in retail stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City. The final campaign consisted of three tri-fold brochures, a tear-pad, an online microsite and a multimedia demo. The tri-fold brochures shown each focus on a different message: an introduction to AMD, AMD's desktop processors, and its mobile products.
  Collage of AMD Brochures  

  Gig Posters
Local Music Show Promotion

Initially, just a hobby and outlet for artistic expression, I began creating show posters for a few friends bands. Once I created a website, and some of the posters were seen around town my "clients" expanded to showcases and SXSW events.

To see more samples, visit
My work can also be seen at
  Collage of Posters  

Identity and Online Presence
Art Direction, Copywriting and Lead Design
WaveNexus, a Colin Medical company, came to Oak Sanderson with a need for an effective web presence to lead their corporate launch. The company's mission of prevention and wellness for cardiovascular health is communicated successfully through the use of impactful lifestyle imagery and a bright color palette.
  wavenexus home page  

  Think Green, Office Depot
Event Support and Training Promotion Collateral
Art Direction, Lead Design and Copywriting

Encourage your customers to recycle their ink and toner cartridges and everyone wins! This key message was communicated successfully to Call Center associates through a strong and catchy concept, think GREEN, and conveyed visually through bold imagery on pieces such as flyers, banners and promo items such as coasters. The OEM client reused this promotion and similar materials at a second event for another successful promotion.
  Office Depot flyer  

  Ink and Toner Cartridge Packaging, Nukote
Packaging Design
Visual Design, Mockup Production

Dated design and low visibility on store shelves called for a new look at current and future ink and toner packaging designs. Bold use of branding colors and elements makes these packaging designs stand out. Smart design makes it easier to find the model needed, a color coding system for ink-jet refills quickly identifies the printer OEM for quick navigation among the shelves.
  collage of Packaging Designs  

  Oak Sanderson
Online Presence
Lead Design, IA and Art Direction

After a quick temporary redesign, Oak Sanderson needed to redesign and redefine themselves. As the list of interactive and marketing solutions that Oak Sanderson had to offer grew as well as the business itself, the look of the website needed to reflect that growth and maturation of style and skill. The subdued greys of the content areas combined with bold photography, give the site a much more sophisticated feel both visually and with the addition of more dynamic elements the site add to the interactive experience. The site went live in August of 2002 and has since been modified from the original design.
  Oak Sanderson home page  

  PeopleSoft CRM
3D Direct Mail Marketing
Art Direction and Design

PeopleSoft wanted to open mid-market prospect doors that were previously closed to their sales teams to create awareness and sales for the Enterprise CRM solution. As part of the creative team at Oak Sanderson, I helped to develop a door opener campaign leveraging the clients current advertising that included multi-step, personalized 3-D mailings that included premium gifts, database-driven, personalized prospect response websites, and real-time reporting online allowed the client to track responses and success rates. The campaign was a success, motivating hard-to-reach prospects to respond and accept a meeting.
  collage of campaign pieces  

  Forgent (formerly VTEL)
Web Presence
Lead Design and Production Assistance

In the phase 2 redesign for the VTEL Corporation, which later became Forgent, the client was looking for a sleek tech-modern feel that complimented their new collateral, to achieve this I designed a layout with a non standard vertical navigation bar down the middle of the layout. The addition of dhtml menus and photo animations helped set Forgent apart from the pack.
  forgent home page  

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