UX Design, Product Strategy, & Creative Vision

I am a UX generalist—a hybrid interaction and visual designer with a healthy side of product strategy, systems thinking, and design research—with 15+ years of experience designing UIs for a wide variety of products.

I enjoy meaningful work that creates a positive impact that I can approach with empathy, creativity, and a strong understanding of both end-user and stakeholder needs and goals. I love team collaboration, learning on my feet, and having some fun along the way.

Spredfast Intelligence

Social Performance and Analytics Software

Spredfast Intelligence allows users to easily and intuitively search the Twitter firehose to uncover insights — through data, content, and trends — that enable them to quickly analyze and measure engagement, understand the broader social conversation, and inform social content strategy.

As the lead UI/UX designer on a small, nimble team, I helped to create a visually clean, extremely intuitive, robust product that has proven to be extremely valuable to Spredfast customers.

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Spredfast Intelligence

Mass Relevance Experiences

Custom Social Experiences

Photo walls, Hashtag battles, fill in the blanks, and Q and A's — to name a few — in which the audience was invited to join the conversation through social media enabled brands to involve their audiences while also gaining social amplification.

Whether online, mobile, or on the big screen in-venue or broadcast, I helped to concept, then design both the visual and interactive aspects of the visualizations, ensuring a native brand aesthetic and an engaging experience for the end user.

After 5 years of great success, Mass Relevance merged with Spredfast in 2014 and the two took the Spredfast name and brand.

Custom Project Collage

Imerj 2 in 1 Smartpad

Android Mobile UX Design

Through multiple phases of UI and UX design along with interactive prototyping, myself and the team at frog (in collaboration with Imerj) created a truly unique interaction model, as well as several custom application experiences, for the dual-screen Android mobile device concept. The "2-in-1 Smartpad" prototype device was shared with reviewers at Engadget, but sadly was not produced for the mass market.

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Imerj Smartpad

Sansa Fuse

Personal Media Player Device UI

As lead Interaction Designer, I helped to create an innovative lateral UI for the Sansa Fuze MP3 players whose hardware included a trackball for navigation. Using the trackball, the user could navigate the primary Sansa player features like Music, Videos, Photos, and Radio via right to left, then press to select an area and scroll up and down to explore content lists. The model proved successful in the user testing we performed using an interactive prototype.

The primary interaction concept along with the visual look and feel remained true to the design guides we had delivered, however the trackball proved to be an issue in production and was replaced.

Sansa Fuze

Celltop, Alltel Wireless

Mobile App UI/UX

For the better part of 2006, as part of a diverse team of designers and technologists, I contributed visual and interaction designs that helped take a new kind of mobile software application from concept to reality. This innovative "platform" brought the desktop to users' mobile devices enabling easy and quick access to valuable real-time personalized content from the native OS and OTA RSS data feeds.

Celltop went on to win best in show at CTIA 2007, and also received a US patent.

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